Agmatine is the probably the most IMPORTANT sports supplement you’ve NEVER heard about!

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In this blog we wanted for you to see for yourself how just one of the ingredients that has been put into the all new, and greatest pre-workout that is also first to the world in it’s makeup can change everything you ever knew about the world of Pre’s.


Get Ready to discover the pump inducing, hormone enhancing, and neuro-protective phenomenon that’s helping athletes build their biggest, strongest, and healthiest bodies – EVER! Agmatine Sulfate, NH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-NH-C (-NH2)(=NH )),

Agmatine is the probably the most IMPORTANT sports supplement you’ve NEVER heard about. And if you’re just as competitive as we are, and you’re looking for that perfect “one up” over your competition, then this, my friend, is a very good thing. Here’s why.

Recently, L-Arginine has been front and center in the pre-workout pump category. In fact, it’s practically dominated the category for the last 10 years standing. Now, Arginine is good, don’t get me wrong. We love it too. But when you discover what Agmatine is capable of doing…your game, your performance, and your results will be fast tracked beyond everyone else using traditional pre-workouts. I stand behind that statement 10,000%.

So in this article, you and I are going to take an in-depth and revealing look at Agmatine, how it works, and it’s many powerful benefits that transcend the pre-workout pump category…benefits you’d never even imagine…benefits that are flat out awesome and will forever change your performance. You ready?

Agmatine…Never Heard Of It.

Agmatine is naturally occurring and is a by-product of the amino acid Arginine. It is produced through a process called decarboxylation, whereby the carboxylic end has been removed from arginine. Now, this might seem like a simple modification at first glance, and you might be thinking, “Can such a simple change really make a difference?” Well, consider this.

The simple addition of a double bonded oxygen molecule to estrogen creates the most powerful, anabolic, muscle building hormone in your body – Testosterone. Simple changes, powerful differences. Just like Agmatine.

It’s Like Putting Nitric Oxide on Steroids.

You’ve most likely heard about eNOS…endothelial nitric oxide synthase…the enzyme that converts arginine into nitric oxide and gives you those awesome pumps in the gym. But did you know there are two other forms for NOS? I’m talking about cytokine-inducible NOS (iNOS) and neuronal NOS (nNOS). Now, all three increase Nitric Oxide. However, iNOS increases Nitric Oxide in immune cells, and this can lead to chronic states of inflammation. Obviously, not good. And nNOS increases Nitric Oxide in neuronal tissue, which is not where we want Nitric Oxide elevated.

We want Nitric Oxide elevated in the soft endothelial tissues lining your blood vessels, and that’s precisely what Agmatine does. It’s like laser targeted NOS expression! Agmatine effectively inhibits iNOS and nNOS without doing so to eNOS…and that means more vein splitting, vaso-dilating, muscle engorging PUMPS!

And Agmatine doesn’t stop there. It boosts Nitric Oxide through two additional pathways by stimulating the release of Nitric Oxide itself while inhibiting those enzymes that break Nitric Oxide down. The end result is simple. Targeted Nitric Oxide production for LONG LASTING muscular pumps.

Beyond Nitric Oxide.

Agmatine can also stimulate the release of pituitary hormones, including Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Growth Hormone (GH). Now, that’s incredibly beneficial to athletes because LH is the “activator” your body needs to produce its most anabolic hormone – testosterone.

So not only can Agmatine deliver out-of-this-world, blow-your-mind, and down right amazing pumps, but it can also boost natural testosterone levels and optimize your anabolic environment too. And that means powerful results – FASTER than Arginine. Faster than traditional pre-workouts.

Benefits You’d Never Expect!

By now you know that Agmatine is awesome. But did you know that Agmatine is also believed to have strong neuro-protective effects? That is, it’s healthy for your brain.

Agmatine is locally synthesized in the brain by the arginine decarboxylase enzyme, and is stored in a large number of neurons with selective distribution throughout the central nervous system. It is said to serve as an endogenous (as in, occurring within the body) neuro-protective neuro-modulator that is co-released during neuro-transmission. It’s even been reported to be an endogenous neuro-modulator of mental stress. And get this, it quite possibly has beneficial effects for when you’re feeling blue, generally anxious, and anxious in social situations.

That means, Agmatine is great for enhancing your sense of well-being and improving your mood. Impressive, huh?! It gets better.

Agmatine is also believed to help with pain management, and is considered to be a powerful anti-oxidant too.

As you can see, Agmatine That is found in our Intense Ignition Extreme is an awesome new sports supplement that goes beyond L-Arginine. Superior pumps, enhanced hormone production, increased athletic performance, anti-oxidant protection, strong neuro-protection, and so much more make Agmatine and Bionic Sports Nutrition a “must have” for all serious athletes looking to break free from traditional pre-workouts and take their performance to the next level.

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