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In this world, there are two types of supplement companies: leaders and followers. Rest assured, Bionic Sports Nutrition is among the top in leaders of the supplement industry!!!

Mark R Bacon, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

As an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, it is crucial that I have all aspects of my training, nutrition and supplementation in order and held to a high standard. When searching for products, the most important factor is quality. After researching and trials over 20 years, I have found a concrete brand with Bionic Sports Nutrition.
Bionic Sports Nutrition produces cutting edge products that are of the highest quality in the supplement industry. When they claim “no proprietary blends” and “proper doses,” you can be assured that is exactly what you are getting. Bionic Sports Nutrition demands quality and holds themselves to the highest standard in selection of ingredients and manufacturing of their products.
You can’t underestimate the importance of quality nutrition and supplementation! These are, and always have been, primary components when striving to be your best. It doesn't matter what your goal is; quality nutrition and supplementation play an important role. Whether you’re into hard core training, extreme sports, running, a busy soccer mom, a weekend sports warrior, or just worried about your health and general well-being, these are key factors in your success. Bionic Sports Nutritional products are a primary part of my sports nutrition and supplementation. Their products are second to none. The following is how I utilize just some of these quality products in my daily regimen:

  • prior to first meal PALEO VIBRANCE.
  • 45 min prior to training INTENSE IGNITION EXTREME.
  • immediately following training AMINO ULTRA.
  • part of post workout meal ANCIENT PALEO.
  • prior to sleep PM SHRED.

In this world, there are two types of supplement companies: leaders and followers. Rest assured, Bionic Sports Nutrition is among the top in leaders of the supplement industry!!!

First off, a big thanks to Bionic Sports Nutrition for bringing affordable supplements my way!

Jan Billings Jacksonville, Fl.

With the P.M Shred weight loss and the cleansing product Paleo Vibrance I lost 45lbs. in about 35 days and continued on the program after my next two orders and lost a total of 155 lbs. I have lots of energy, and lost lots of inches all over. Because of my success I introduced others to theses great products and we have all saved more time and money, because I am not buying B.S. products anymore you find els were!
Thank you forever!

My family and I thank you!

Rachel Wilson, Houston, Texas.

Immediately after giving birth to twin girls I began using the Bionic Sports Nutrition products because a great girl friend of mine that does fitness shows knows the owner and really trusts him and his business! I have lost 25lbs in 30 days and went on to lose a total of 80lbs. Because of the products I no longer have diabetes.
I do hope anyone who reads this knows how hard it can be to get your body and health back and yes even your sex drive, I now have my life back and will now start using the pre-workout like my girl friend Kim.

Your best fan!

Robin Hernandez Lake Odessa, MI.

Enough is Enough:
I suffered from terrible PMS symptoms for more than 20 years — debilitating cramps and terrible headaches every month. I even had an iron deficiency. None of the products I have tried in the past gave me any relief.

Chance Meeting:
I was shopping one day and mentioned to someone that I had a headache. She started asking questions, and I told her about my health problems. Lucky for me she had been using a product named Ancient-Paleo, it's a sweet as heck meal replacement with multi-vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics. I think everything healthy is in that product!!

Sweet Relief:
That was 10 months ago I started using it, and every month I get a new one. Today my iron levels are back up, and PMS and headaches are no longer an issue. I feel great! Now I’m introducing other women like me to Bionic Sports Nutritions website and products. So thrilled to see them get results, too.

I wish to thank the owner one day for his crazy cool formulations!

Rob Teri Jr. Columbus, Ohio

"Bionic Sports Nutrition's pre-workout is the best I've ever used, and I've been using various brands for a LONG time. It's also very consistent from order to order, delivering consistent gains, repair and recovery "on demand",and puts you in a fantastic mood. As for the price you guys rock! By FAR, the lowest cost on the internet. All my work out buds said so many times "You won't find a better pre-workout supp on the planet!" Great product, at a GREAT price... "

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