Fueling human potential

A Page From the Junk Food Industry’s Playbook

Check this out… The Coca-Cola Company alone paid $2.1 million directly to health experts, mostly dietitians and academics, during one five-year...Read More

Industrial Strength Hormone Disruptors

Phthalates Are Industrial Strength Hormone Disruptors The dangers associated with phthalates are related to their effect on your hormonal system....Read More
Public Opinion through Research

Sweeteners Jacking Up Your Heart Health Risk Radically!

sweeteners-jacking-up-your-heart-health-risk-radically For years, we’ve been warned about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt, but...Read More
Public Opinion through Research

Shaping Public Opinion through Research and Legislative Programs

The records, which number around 1,500, include hundreds of pages of letters and correspondence between scientists, nutritionists and sugar...Read More
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